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Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay per click advertising or PPC is one of the most effective forms of online advertising available. The most notable provider of PPC is Google with AdWords but there are many others including Facebook, Microsoft and Yahoo.

The advantages of PPC are that you see immediate results. An advertising campaign can be live within hours. It’s also very easy to quantify results with numerous metrics that can be analysed to track performance of campaigns.

Unlike other forms of online advertising such as banner ads, the viewers of your adverts are far more targeted. With Google for example your ad is only displayed if someone searches for a keyword directly related to your campaign. This guarantees traffic and in turn leads that are much warmer than those that arise from other advertising methods.


Budget is an important factor in any form of advertising. Pay Per Click advertising allows you to vary your budget on a daily basis if needed. For example if you something appears in the news which you think would increase interest in your product or service then you can increase your budget for that day.

You must always consider your return on investment (ROI) with advertising but it’s not always easy to measure with other forms of advertising particularly offline. With PPC and the analytic and tracking technologies available that issue never arises. You will always know what the performance and cost of your campaign is and hence your ROI.

Green Leaf offers full PPC analysis, setup and ongoing management for all advertising campaigns. Once you see the benefits and ROI of a good campaign you’ll never look back. Contact us today for a free consultation.